Shut the world out for a moment..

There comes a time when the world around you is too noisy to hear yourself. It makes you forget who you are mostly because of the hustles and bustles of everyday living.

For the last five years I have dutifully set aside a week to shut the world out and just be me. I then retreat into a place where everything is in its natural form, I do not have to worry about replying office mails, meeting deadlines or even checking my cell phone every short while to see if I missed a call, message or IM.

You can never know this feeling until you experience it. The interesting thing is, I  have tried to search for another location where I could  get this kind of fulfillment and I haven’t found.

Here is the beauty of the place, there is no network coverage hence your cell phone stays off, the grass is so green ,the scenery is beautiful with so many bird species , buffaloes, dik diks, antelopes, waterbucks just to mention but a few.

The accommodation quarters have been made directly from the source , for example if it is a door knob, they simply cut a branch with a v-shape and its automatically transformed.

The food comes in different cuisines and you get the freedom to choose or otherwise make your own. The one thing though, that stands out is the fact that there is no room for junking!!

Due to my frequent visits, I have had the opportunity to interact with the owners of this lovely place, in particular Chris Campbell Clause. He has a wonderful personality and would convince you to come back again and again. During this interaction I have learnt some valuable lessons.

Perhaps you may be familiar with this one, that says everything about our environment We have borrowed this world from our children and it has to be returned to them without causing any damage to the environment”

Most of us are not too keen on environment conservation. At some point he talked about the way our bodies’ immune systems have almost shut down because of the modern day influence; where the slightest pain calls for an over the counter drug if not a prescription. As a result our bodies have become so weak that we cannot fight minor ailments. This reminded me of my many visits to the village and I would see this school going children without sweaters on a chilly morning and barefoot rushing to school. I never really got used to it, if anything it was disturbing yet they were so healthy. All in all Chris has made me realize just how important it is to let your body be and eat the right things. When you conserve the environment you actually manage to sustain the trees and plants that can be used for home remedies that are so natural without any side effects.

I have now developed a great interest in home remedies and I am currently working on a manual with how to treat the different ailments. It’s amazing how much I am learning.

My place of quiet and serene outside the world is Malewa Bush Ventures,give it a try am sure you will love it!