The curtains are closing in to usher the year 2013 and it definitely has been a great year. As 2012 started, there was unison of it been a great year. Having done the usual new  year resolution write up, I bore in mind that they were going to come to pass. I am proud to have achieved 95% of the resolutions.  In an earlier blog I had listed them down

Meanwhile, allow me to share the learning’s and memories of the year that was.

  1. I have had my  spiritual moments with God and sometimes He has not made sense but the best part: He is such a gentleman ,he gives me the choice to follow Him or not
  2. Each of us has a sixth sense if not instincts. Now more than ever I do not ignore them, they have saved the day on one too many occasions.
  3. Life is about winning and losing. If I win all the time then I will miss the lesson derived from failing and doing it differently.
  4. Family is the only group you forgive for what you kill others for and they are here to stay
  5. I set the foundation on how I want people to treat me; I also don’t have to sit around and let someone devalue me
  6. There is a thin line between honesty and being impolite. the only difference in my experience, is a lot of us do not want to hear it in black and white
  7. You must be a student before you become the teacher just as you must be a servant before you become a leader; the core ingredient is humility.
  8. Serving others especially the less fortunate has brought on so much personal satisfaction ,its irreplaceable
  9. Cancer has been a big enemy for most in 2012, from a cancer scare to losing loved ones, it has also created a great awareness and helped me appreciate good health even more
  10. On the day I am happy, someone else will be sad, frustrated, depressed or mourning a loved one. There really never is a day that everyone is happy and it’s a fact
  11. There is no easy way to handle death whether it’s a loved one or someone distant, we all feel something, it’s inevitable hence only grace keeps us going
  12. Giving the best at my job is an obligation and duty whether my efforts are appreciated or not, after all the results will be the stepping stone to the next great job
  13. Expecting everyone to appreciate you for good efforts is unrealistic. There will always be those against and for you.
  14.  Attitude is everything, every morning I wake up I chose the attitude I take with me throughout the day
  15. My priorities and plans are not another’s, it is up to me to make them happen lest I get disappointed waiting for someone else to fulfill them for me
  16. As you grow older, dreams, visions and focus tends to change and so are the people around. My list of friends has thinned but created more time for quality friendships and relationships
  17. Love is a virtue, a feeling, a rush but most of all it’s a choice we all have to make
  18. People come in to your life for different reasons and seasons, when their purpose is fulfilled, they leave or stay. If they leave make peace with yourself and don’t beat yourself about it.
  19. You must give in order to get. Giving generously is not always about the money its your heart, your time and what you put into that time
  20. Each of us has a season of growth, success, failure and frustrations. Figure out which season you are at, and don’t compare yourself with another unless its acts as a pillar of encouragement.
  21. Food is good for the soul and body but when abused or overdone it portrays itself in ways which we are sometimes not very proud of.
  22. A fast off processed food is very good for cleansing your system and rejuvenating worn out muscles and organs. This is one I will do over and over again!
  23. I chose to be healthy by eating right, keeping fit and indulging in the positive way of life
  24. Man is not an island and therefore I must accept support from time to time as I can never do it alone after all Together Everyone Achieves More!
  25. Delayed gratification is a great way to teach yourself that it is not a must that you obey your cravings ,wants and desires
  26. Tomorrow will be a better day but I have to make the effort to make that happen

There could be more to write but I believe this stood out the most.

Share the lessons ….

Looking forward to an even greater year.


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