This evening as i walked home i remembered that i had not registered as a voter using the newly introduced Biometric system,yet the registration center is visible from my balcony.

I joined the line and in about twenty minutes i was done with the registration. Perhaps proud to have registered but then again the uncertainty within is so high that am wondering whether it will be worth waking up 90 days from now to cast my vote.

In the year 2008,many of my colleagues did not report to work either because the violence in their vicinity was beyond or they were afraid for their lives,tension was running high.

Lucky to have been working for a company that was able to charter a plane to airlift them back to the city,I cannot imagine this happening again.One colleague described how his fully furnished house was burnt down just because he was not from “that” community.

Exit the past,enter the present,Caroline Mutoko one of Kenya’s top journalist and very candid for that matter(I have great respect for her) wrote an article explaining why Kenyans are not moved to register as voters for the next general elections even with a deadline so close. Point on,perhaps you should read for yourself to understand.


The politicians are so busy presenting their “manuals” so to speak that they have forgotten to convince the common mwananch i(citizen) why they should register. without voters= to no elections as such or should we say a suitable leader?

About a year and a half ago,i locked my television away in a store because of the political madness that had become the order of the day. Simply put i was not getting much value from it. If anything it was emotionally draining The newspapers,radio and internet work just fine,that way i stay selective of what to feed my mind.

Imagine having a long day with all your energies drained only to come and watch television that has politicians bickering all over, news of deaths,accidents and terrorism,in addition those annoying Mexican and Phillipino soaps( no pun intended) where they are always crying?

I don’t know about you ,but i have discovered great things to do with my time.Reading a well authored book for example relaxes my mind.

I may sound like I digressed from the main issue but all i am saying like Carol,give me a good reason to wake up in March of 2013 to vote for you Mr and Mrs Politician.Its not just about the money and prestige that comes with the title or is it position?

Make me feel worthy and safe as a citizen to take that leap of faith again.


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