The other day my cousin and i were having a chat,along the way it took an interesting turn.

Day in day out the media houses are giving us updates of ICC court proceedings, we hear the rate of accidents on the road, hunger in parts of kenya, shortage of sugar and other important commodities,teachers been denied either pay raises or an opportunity to add more educators due to the rising number of students,parliamenterians ganging up on honest kenyans to get them off their seats when they are doing their jobs transparently,allocating money to the so called “important projects” but not urgent, misusing tax payers money on matters that can wait and so on and so forth.


I ask christians where are we when things like this are going on? we went on to talk about how other religious groups fast and pray so diligently, they are not even ashamed to stop on the roadside and pray. while for us , we are torn between so many of the worldly things.One minute we are the faithful the other we are the secular man trying to fit into a secular world.

We finally asked ourselves one question? if as christians we would consistently pray and fast for this nation without ceasing,the news reporters would be giving us a different story.perhaps…

” This year Kenya has recieved adequate rainfall and there is a bumper harvest that the government is considering donating food to the neighboring countries…

Kenyan road users have become compliant to the traffic rules and have been declared safe drivers

Children are embracing education positively as the teachers are making every effort to ensure they get the best…

Teachers are content with the government support and have vowed to give their best inthe education sector

The economy is stable and the shilling is strong against the dollar…

Christians are really at work here…God is truly using them as vessels of honour..


That to me is what i call The christian Duty.



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