It is often said that growing old is a must but growing up is an option.

I was thinking about the definition of growing up and realized there is no one size that fits all answer ,rather it’s the things that you do that signify your having graduated from one level to another. I decided to come up with my own understanding of what growing up is. Here is my list:


1.    When you narrow down the list of friends you have and categorize them as true vs. fake ass friends
2.    When you realize that even good friendships fade away and you are not sorry about it because you gave your best
3.    You are able to say no to friends when they ask for money because you know its likely to strain relations and still keep a smile on your face
4.    You are able to set your priorities right by remaining firm and polite even when friends tempt you to go for a party or spend thrift shopping that may leave you compromised
5.    When your undying attachment to childhood toys is replaced by donating them to the needy and younger siblings
6.    When you spend 85% of your day doing actual work and not surfing social sites
( yeah facebook won’t put food on my table)
7.    You shop for real food that will keep you in the right direction of your health instead of the usual junk and soda
8.    You eat food that couldn’t go down your throat a few years back because you now know the attached health benefits.
9.    You begin to invest into the future by saving a certain percentage of your monthly income

10. You set a time for “me time” to be able to spend quality time for self discovery unlike before it was always hanging out with friends.

11. You realize that you have made some bad decisions ,some bad choices but somewhere along the way they have made you a better person

12. You realize that everyone is vulnerable at a different season; no one is perfect so you take and love them as they are.

13. When you go shopping ,you have a list and only purchase what is therein

14. You take up a class that  uplifts you, maybe spiritual, music, fitness because you realize that life is short and time needs to be managed well

15. You realize that your relatives (even the not so nice ones) are here to stay and so you take them one at a time.

16. Communication with your parents become so much more important including their advise

17. You cook meals from scratch and clean your dishes after without whining

18. You listen to a motivational cd if you are driving and stuck in traffic or read a book when you are the passenger

19. You embrace your body more and realize that if you don’t feel good about it then its up to you to make the change

20. You take up responsibility for your mistakes and work your way to correct them

21. You declutter every little while to avoid unnecessary items in your house or office

22. You purchase a DIY(do it yourself) book instead of waiting for the handyman

23. Your mum or dad call you at different times to ask for advise

24. You find a messy house annoying

25. You cant stand loud music and the kids next door are driving you crazy

26. You actually take time to dress up for an occasion, jeans and t-shirts are not an option

27. You no longer care about winning an argument, its better to keep the peace.

28. You live on your own and pay bills on time

29. You have been heartbroken but you still keep your head help up high

30. You enjoy going to the movies on your own and enjoy it

31. You own sensible and realistic gadgets/electronics in your house

32. You call your parents and friends when you are going to visit to find out if you can pick something for them on your way to their house

33. You use Sugar and salt  sparingly for health reasons

34. You always have something to do in the house and enjoy it

35. You realize your bachelors degree is not enough to raise your career prospects

36. Staying at home all day is not a punishment

37. Booze is taken in controlled amounts

38. Your spirituality is very important and you always create time.

39. You do your own laundry

40. You go to the market and even take time to read the food labels


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