Recently my cousins and I decided to pay my wonderful grandfather a visit. We arrived at around 10am and spend the better part of the Sunday with him. I must confess that I last visited this homestead over ten years ago when we had attended my great grandfather’s funeral.

Grandpa Cyrus or (Mama Mburu) as popularly known is now 88 years of age and even though on and off illness has taken a toll on him, I must admit that his memory still remains very sharp.

He was one of the young men taken into the missionary hands and trained. His English is impeccable. He was the first black area sales manager for a large farm products’ company which by the way is still existent and successful to date.

He built a seven bedroom house back in the 80s and with a very modern design which surprisingly is what most real estate developers are adopting today.

As we sat he begged to know how we were faring and what we were doing with our lives. Wisdom comes with age and he had a lot of good things to say.He asked us to focus on the right things in life and not to forget everyone that has played a positive role in our lives.

I noticed he was wearing a white shirt with cufflinks and was quick to ask if it was a new one. He responded by saying he had ,had it for over 20 years. I was impressed! I mean cufflink shirts only appeared the other day in town..talk of a man who had style. His children had a good life when they were young,I mean with all the money floating around and good cars.I think life changed for them when they grew older because resources depleted and grandpa retired. Well they all have a way of making ends meet. Sadly one of his daughters’ who I really treasured passed on in 2002 and I even though I was not able to attend her funeral ,for a long time I wondered what was the cause of her death. A blood clot it was. Apparently she had been involved in an automobile accident even though she escaped unhurt she declined a doctors review little did she know that the pain in her leg which had now become chronic was a blood clot.

His wife followed my good auntie Catherine two months later, very tragic loss.

I could write many things here but most of them are so personal I would feel publicly displayed. I remember one thing though, his kidneys are barely functional and therefore his diet and weight have to be well managed. Two years back in a city hospital he called us and gave us a speech about how we should watch our eating habits and lifestyles. It was notable that he had regrets on his way of living as he pointed out. He acknowledged that had he been more observant with his lifestyle he would perhaps not be undergoing all the pain and suffering.

It really got me thinking. Been my immediate grandmas only surviving brother, I keep him close to my heart. Theirs was an interesting family. They were born three siblings, one died after a few weeks. Later their mother died leaving them very young. Great grandpa married a second wife who he bore a daughter with. However this step mother was mostly unkind to my grandmother and word has it that great grandpa gave her money to go buy grandma clothes and instead she decided to use it for something else. One their way home a trailer lost control and one of the wheels found its way to where she was standing. Grandma and her step sister scampered for safety under the bridge as they watched the horrific incident unfold. Exit wife number two, enter wife number three who is still alive but a very nice lady and bore him another four daughters. That’s one big family.

It was a day well spent. Thank you grandpa for your time.


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