Last year a time like now we were reminiscing how the Naivasha facilitator’s retreat had faired. When we arrived at the fisherman’s camp the final touches of the Rift Valley festival were just winding up.With loud music and powerful systems.

Our agenda was different though. We had two days to make the best of it all. We had carried two big tents we commonly refer to as Tom Mboya (name of a kenyan politician and one of the biggest social halls built inthe early 70w) because of their ability to accommodate at least 8 people and the luxury of been able to stand inside. As we were pitching tent we realized the guys had forgotten the top part of their tent which was hilarious considering we had asked if they were sure they had carried all the parts.Now Naivasha is a beautiful place but the weather can get extreme inthe night especially now that we were metres a way from the lake itself.

Saturday morning we were up at six doing some warms up as usual Andy is the walking gym ,he always knows what work out is the best. A hot shower and cooking breakfast.It was a weekend with many campers so there was lots to see and learn. From simple to very advance camping equipment.

We rented bikes and cycled atleast 12 kilometres into the Hells gate national park.Sadly we forgot to carry our IDs and they couldnt let us past the reception. Not to worry,we cycled back .

We were so tired i am not sure any of us were able to walk “normally for at least one week after. When we got back to camp site we  went in to an hour of swimming..the energy wow.


Next was preparing dinner and we settled on Chapati. How convenient and the rain decided to pour so heavily we were forced to cook inside the tent!! a record breaker for sure. The guys were hoping the rain would subside but it never really did till the following morning.They opted to play pool and other games to keep the night going however by 11pm ,they gave up and decided it was time to sleep. Earlier one of us had suggested we share our big tent but they were adamant. Of course we were all smiling as we heard them outside the tent asking if they could squeeze in.

Happily we created space and the night came to pass.

Day three time to pack up and go home. The guys made breakfast  as we chatted and waited for out ride home.

It was time to get back to the big noisy city ….i was genuinely hoping for another weekend out  this year but well times are different…

Take a look and decide if you want to give it a try…


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