At the beginning of the year, most of us have the so called new years’ resolution and perhaps a well elaborated list of what we intend to start doing, improve as well as stop doing. Many are the times the list becomes long forgotten in the first quarter  or half of the year.

This year is different for me as I am going through my list I realize I have accomplished most of the things I had purposed to do. Some have been difficult and others have been easy. I think the most challenging part comes in maintaining the discipline and staying focused on reaching the particular goal.

I have been one to start something, stop midway and pick another item. My mother used to say that when you start something, don’t stop until you are done and in that process, do it so well that you will not need to go back to it. As simple as the words may sound I am sure you can attest that it is hard to stay focused on one thing without getting excited on another that is more motivating.

Allow me to share with you some of accomplished items that appeared on my list this year:

  • Invest a portion of my salary:  I have managed  to set aside a portion of my monthly income to put into a savings account as well as a merry go round better known as chama here. This is where you join a group of likeminded people and you each contribute an agreed amount which 50% goes to a different member every month and the other 50% goes into an investment account.
  • Take up online courses: Having taken a course in French,social work,Italian and music I would say I am still a work in progress but there has been so much to learn and I am still learning.
  • Start a blog page: As you can see my first write up was in February ,at first I wasn’t even sure what to write about but like they say, if you want a car, learn how to drive first and the car will fall into place.
  • Pray and fast more: each one of us has certain beliefs. As a Christian I have found it very helpful to adopt a fasted lifestyle, it has a way of changing the way you look at the world, it calms you down and helps to reduce ailments as it is also a way of cleansing your system. Once I took up 9days of fruits and water. I don’t remember a time I felt so light, clean and at peace. Eating anything oily after this became a nightmare as I would get extremely nauseated. You also learn to accommodate people better despite their shortcomings.
  • Volunteer my time at a safe house for vulnerable children: This has been so fulfilling, even better, I got together with a group of wonderful women called the balanced women, they have been at the fore front of making sure the beautiful girls of the safe house have their smiles on. We have cooked meals together, donated clothes, books,our time..What could be more humbling?
  • Acquire an android tablet: Android is the new big thing in the market.Lately most of us when purchasing a phone or other related gadget we ensure it is android operated or it is a smart phone especially because of the features this operating systems carry with them. A very dear friend gifted me with a tablet which has been so helpful. The fact that it’s a 7” inch, makes it easy to carry around and get many things done within a short time.
  • Purchase an Acoustic Violin: I have been an avid fan of classical music and own quite a collection. My passion for the violin began three years back but I like to believe this is now when the full potential has been realized. I can proudly say I own my own! I am currently learning how to play it…watch this space..
  • Reading a wider genre of books: a while back I mostly concentrated on novels and inspirationals ,now of course I realize more than ever to grow in my career field, I must take time to read on my function that way I stay up to date, like we say  “Knowledge is intellectual power”
  • Donate the books I have read: I have quite a collection considering every month for the last 9 years I have purchased at least two books per month! They are now overflowing. I am currently compiling what needs to go, to create space for new ones. But the era is a good one with so much technological advancement we can now download soft copies…nice way to declutter!
  • Prioritizing and proper time management: the only thing you cannot insure is time. If well used it can be very fulfilling and the opposite applies. I struggled so much with trying to do everything now I know there is the aspect of urgent vs important and the can waits, most of all prioritizing is core, having a to do list and giving myself specific time frames has increased the smiles on my face..

I will keep the positive energy, I will eliminate whiners  and complainers in my life , I will keep those that build me and have my best interest at heart close to my heart…those are the ones you climb up the ladder with..LET’S GO!



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