In the movie Limitless (2011), Bradley Cooper who is a struggling writer meets a brother to his ex-girlfriend, who in turn introduces him to a powerful drug that  bestows him with super human abilities. He completes his book in four days and submits it to the publisher who is equally shocked at the speed of delivery or is it completion?

He begins to calculate mathematical problems in a way that many do not understand. As a result he is on high demand for his abilities as everything he touches transforms into a form of profit.

It is interesting to note that I watched this movie two days ago however I had watched it a year back. This time the lessons were quite clear and  at some point I kept thinking how did I not see this part, but then again the human eye is bound to miss a thing or two.

There are many perspectives to which you can look at this movie from. In my world I realized there was something intriguing about the title. Many are times we are in so much doubt of our abilities and in the process we take longer to spread out our wings into full potential.

Even though the drug turns out to be lethal in its side effects when not taken on a continuous basis, it got me thinking just how much ability I have within me. I realized I have limitless ability and potential. It is up to me to make it happen; no one else can dream it for me.

My mindset is changed and I am aiming for limitless. Most schools I know have “the sky is the limit” as their motto. So my new motto is “Limitless” and I am going to make it happen. Will you make your limitless opportunities happen?

Lets go!


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