At every stage in life we thrive for more,for higher heights and so on.

Sometimes we have a plan that is not exactly very elaborate but as we grow older, maturity is an option for some. Either way we all get a reality check point and have to decide what is good ,what will get me there.

So i am not saying i haven”t had my fair share of dreams perhaps it is more of the fact that they were not very elaborate now am looking and i smile at myself : like Moses getting a sneak peak of the promised land,i am hard at work to get there.

With everything in me breathing my dream!! Yes ,only me can live my dream and once i have done that i can share it with others

I realised that i had to first write down what my desires were and then come up with a game plan to achieve them. This i successfully did. Now the challenging part is to wake up every morning and look at my written down dreams,dream them with my feet on the ground and remind myself i have a journey to make and keep going no matter how hard it may get in some seasons.

I want to look back and say, this is where i started, this is where i am coming from, this is where i am and this is where i am headed. Can you do that?

Well i am doing it now, here and now…the journey of thousand miles starts with one step and i have already made my baby steps…

Aah if only i could share my dreams with you….mmmh but for now it stays a closed secret..

Watch this unfold…LETS GO!


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