At every stage in life we thrive for more,for higher heights and so on.

Sometimes we have a plan that is not exactly very elaborate but as we grow older, maturity is an option for some. Either way we all get a reality check point and have to decide what is good ,what will get me there.

So i am not saying i haven”t had my fair share of dreams perhaps it is more of the fact that they were not very elaborate now am looking and i smile at myself : like Moses getting a sneak peak of the promised land,i am hard at work to get there.

With everything in me breathing my dream!! Yes ,only me can live my dream and once i have done that i can share it with others

I realised that i had to first write down what my desires were and then come up with a game plan to achieve them. This i successfully did. Now the challenging part is to wake up every morning and look at my written down dreams,dream them with my feet on the ground and remind myself i have a journey to make and keep going no matter how hard it may get in some seasons.

I want to look back and say, this is where i started, this is where i am coming from, this is where i am and this is where i am headed. Can you do that?

Well i am doing it now, here and now…the journey of thousand miles starts with one step and i have already made my baby steps…

Aah if only i could share my dreams with you….mmmh but for now it stays a closed secret..

Watch this unfold…LETS GO!


Letting go,Letting God

Its been a while since i blogged but i guess sometimes we all do need breaks to regather ideas.

There comes a time when your mind says enough is enough and we need to take a rest. So i found myself there and i was wondering what i needed to do different . I felt a heavy a heavy burden in my heart,emotional drain,so many things having happened in a short span of time.

Taking a few days of my usual routine of work and play. Silence is indeed golden. I had the opportunity to think of many things i have for a long time shut in my subconscious mind.

A journal does a wonderful job where there are things that you cant really share with anyone but taking the pen for a walk just lightens the load.

The spiritual part of me kept me really going, i slowly began to heal as i poured all my pains,hurts and emotions to Him that knows the best for me. I felt His touch in every being of me..what a relief …

“Surrender it all” the quiet still voice kept saying and so i did, i began to think differently.

Inthe process i realised that i have held back for so long, i have settled for less and i only get to live life once,yes only once. I live today once and i give it the best, and if i dont,then it becomes my loss.

So it was time to restrategize, what do i hope to achieve inthe next 6 months, one year, two years? yes its called the Game plan…first of all changing my life style, decluttering, reprioritizing will be a big step in that direction.

And this is what i am now working on. Waking up earlier has just made my dream and vision closer, i actually understand why the say the early bird catches the worm better.

Now with my new strategy i am doing so much more which also means i am more productive at work. I mean picture this:

  • wake up 445am
  • Pray and read my Bible
  • Read the local daily and stay updated on current affairs
  • Read an article or two that is career related
  • Listen to 20 minutes of a motivational talk
  • Read a chapter of a book on my reading list.

Now if i have done this before i get to the office,i am sure there must be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here I go getting closer to my dream. LETS GO!