Lessons from Death…

I vividly remember it was a Friday morning, seated beside me was my mother and younger sister exchanging pleasantries over breakfast. I had an Accounting exam that morning as I was pursuing a management course.

Ma mentioned that she was going to the village to see grandma as she was not well and wanted her to bring her back to the city for her routine check-ups. As I sipped the last of my tea, I picked my bag, kissed my sister and bade my mother goodbye.

Saturday morning Ma had not returned, this was the day we were supposed to go shopping a new hairdo for me too. Perhaps grandma’s condition worsened. Outside I met my cheerful neighbor; not sure where the conversation of death started however we concluded by agreeing that life was short and we needed to give it our best. As I was walking back to the house, I see my mother’s friend’s sons and they have this look on their faces. Before I could ask what the problem was one said that there had been an accident and we needed to call the police station for details. I think that must have been the hardest moment. In my mind I knew my mother was a fast but safe driver, so what really had happened. Getting a phone to make the call was an even bigger challenge.

Death has a way of making you alert to things you ignored earlier. I had so many questions, with an absent father who would take care of us? How would we survive in this day and time? What about my college that was due to start in a week? And the questions were endless.

The presence of a parent figure shields you from so much and you never realize it, until they are gone, this was the hardest hit, as there really was no one to defend me and protect me on the ground.

How do you explain to a four year old child that you will not see your mother again in the midst of her tender age and hopeful eyes? Its amazing though how much children can take in and derive courage from it.

Planning ahead saves you a lot of problems in the future to come. Mama knew that anything could happen and she had secured an insurance cover to take care of us till we could stand on our feet.

Family is an even greater thing to have, its unity is even more comforting, and the love we got was enough to keep us going as well as a shelter to call home.

No matter how many times you experience death of a loved one, it’s never the same and you never get used to it. As humans we are wired with emotion and therefore losing one we have been attached to in one way or the other definitely has an impact

Live everyday as if it were your last and value those that you are gifted to have around you and in your life; you never know when you will be saying goodbye. Indeed life is so precious yet death has a way of shortening good times and stealing the souls we so love.

Death does not discriminate, from the king to the pauper when its time, he steals your soul and its inevitable.




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