Grandma’s priceless lessons

At the age of 13 i asked my parents for the opportunity to live with my grandparents. this meant a shift in my schooling and lifestyle. For me this was one of the best decisions i had made in my life even though it took a toll on my mother. My grandparents gave me a better life than my parents ever did. More importantly the lessons i learnt from them were priceless. Grandpa was a clinical officer but inthe village( They never knew the difference) he was known as the great doctor for he could treat many conditions as well as illnesses. He worked very hard to give grandma and their children a good life. When i was younger i was very rough in my playing and almost everyday grandpa would be dressing a wound,interestingly he never complained he just did it patiently and inthe most loving manner. He was lucky to have been sponsored by the british man in the art of reading,writing and clinical medicine. Grandma on the other hand did not have the opportunity to further her education after standard 6. Been the eldest of four children she was forced to take up responsibility of her siblings on their mother’s demise. Her father was a missionary who travelled all the time sharing the great commission. Sunday mornings are perhaps the best memories of well spent moments with grandma. Grandpa would always be up by 6.00 am he would make sure he had fed the chicken,cows and goats. Meanwhile grandma and i would be busy making breakfast. He would then come take his breakfast with us,take a shower, carry his Bible and hymn book leaving us to catch up with him at a later service. He generally wasn’t talkative and lot of times this was misinterpreted as a pride and arrogance but that was just him. Now to the iron ladies: we would get down to cleaning the house,the dishes then prepare lunch! yes lunch  before 10am and sunday lunch was for atleast 10 people,grandma had so much faith and belief that there would always be a visitor on sunday if not one of her children or grandchildren passing by. To me i found it time wasting inthe beginning but as the days went by i looked at it as a form of organisational planning. She always saw the bigger picture. She knew it would take time to get back home from church especially with so many meetings and people to greet since the church inthe village was the place you could gather so many villagers at a time in a day. She had also devised a secret place to hide the key where grandpa or i could access it if she was away. She was a very social being so after the church she knew grandpa would get home before everyone else and all he needed to do was to heat his tea and food without worrying. Talk of a proverbs 31 woman! And because of this habit,her children knew that there was no day they would visit even in her absence and miss something to eat. Sometimes in this life i try to fit in her shoes and i am still far from there but someday i know i will get there. Grandma you taught me:

  • House planning
  • Always cook a little extra for the unexpected guest
  • Little is so much when it is selfless
  • Love and love unconditionally
  • background doesn’t always matter if you know what you want
  • every little thing is interrelated just like a chain
  • medicine comes in many forms herbs and at home remedies are the best way to go
  • Ironing everyone’s clothes a week in advance and in bulk,its amazing how much time you save
  • be there for others if you want others to be there for you.
  • happiness is found in the little things we do for others.
  • Education is not everything…..



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