Gratefulness Diary

Last night was a long one for me,been a little under the weather, the drugs had taken over and retired as early as 1945hrs. Something must have startled me three hours later when i realized i had dozed off and left a good movie playing.

This morning,i woke up fully energized,i actually took time to clean up my house and left it ready for the next visitor. So i am here asking what am i grateful for today? it is the small things that count. Yesterday unfortunately a blast happened leaving 34 casualties inthe central business district,most of whom were innocent citizens going about their businesses that put food onthe table, i could have been one of them, the season visits us differently.

I am grateful for:

  1. The breathe of life
  2. the strength and energy to wake up everyday
  3. good health
  4. A job in this very shaky economy
  5. great friends
  6.  family i would never trade
  7. a good brain that thinks the most unimaginable and amazing ideas
  8. my hands that make beautiful things
  9. my ability to do so many things at the same time
  10. the ability to read and remember so well

I will leave it at that perhaps i should continue the next ten tomorrow…



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