You feel so distant

Like I have never known you

I wonder whats on your mind

Can I read  your beautiful black eyes?

Your facial expression looks so calm.


I am suffering inside

My tears balancing at an edge

Oh he just said a word

But still I remain disturbed

How long are we going to be on the down low?


Its now I look and realize

Just how much a part of me you are

Do I mean the same to you?

The many uncertain looks around

But strong we have to be for each other.


It feels so weird yet so right

For a friendship we strive to protect

A friendship none intends to part with

Lion sacrifice then has to be made

If we call it care that bonds together


The mind can quite travel

So in the maze I am trying

Trying to understand  why this,why that,

But then been content is equally…..


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