This i co-wrote with a dear friend Doghudje from Nigeria….

D: I melt my heart

Into songs

And offer to them to thee

N: so I lift up my hands in praise

To a Savior so loving

I offer my all to Him

D: your eyes to me are

A window to heaven

Bright, luminous, enchanting And endearing

N: Your hands are healing touch

to my broken heart

To my hurting body

Like a fountain you refresh me

D: And all my desire hurriedly

Rush towards that day

That holy gasping moment

When we unite into gentle explosion

That cover the world with love

The fruits of love

N: A fruit so sweet

How can I even describe it?

Sweet sweet love

From my Lord my King

My father,your child looks up to you

D: My harp is to sing thee songs Outside

,I am cold Only in your sanctuary

Do I come alive

Only in your arms

Am I received

Between your altar,in your presence

My all is stretched and stretched

To receive thee Come quickly,I pray,come.



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